Hey there, Hi there, Ho there

15 Feb

Hey everybody!

I pulled a bit of a switcheroo and I’ve bid my adieus to easyjournal and moved on to bigger and better things (i.e.- wordpress.) This is mainly because I saw that Emily Penrose (a friend of mine, if you don’t know,) created one *and it looks fabulous, might I add,* and apparently you can post pictures up on here without having to “upgrade” or whatever and have to pay, like 920348023 million dollars a month/year to do so. And also because I wanna be like her. Thusly, I’ll be posting in this henceforth (that’s supposed to be a humorous sentence, cause lots of speakers/writers/professors of the English language think that “thusly” is an overall pointless word, so they really only use it for a humorous effect, though both “thusly” and “henceforth” sound kinda smart! Is this a run-on sentence? Whatever.)

Umm… be right back. I just realized I gotta go to the bank really quick, soo yeah.

 Okay, back! So heeeerrreee we go! Well, actually, there’s nothing really more that I have to say except for if you wanna read any of my old posts, here’s the link.. and you should cause they’re the bomb.


One Response to “Hey there, Hi there, Ho there”

  1. Emily February 16, 2008 at 5:36 pm #

    HA! You do wanna be me but I love you for it! This looks great.
    Can’t wait to read it! (Stewie voice)

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