Hey, Who Dat?

 Predilections: animals [cows], horseback riding, video games, music, summer days, summer nights, bonfires [chillin’ n’ grillin’], achieving euphoria, photoshop, vanilla, traveling, extreme thrills, concerts, giggling, sports, b&bw’s fresh vanilla, massage therapy, spanish, reading, wwtdd, brad pitt & john krasinski, friends, family, bars, beer pong, katlyn evans, grey’s anatomy/the office, ocean, surf, facebook, giving my dog a bath, cruising, recycling, lattes, hawaii, photography, aesthetics, calisthenics

 Aversions: not sexy, low temperatures, wet pant bottoms, egg[plants], being bored, bad teeth, bad dispositions, stupidity, putting gas in my car, traveling, trying to find parking, parallel parking, having to pick up my cat’s poop, paris hilton & li-lo, calories, litter, writing if i don’t feel like it, death, the inability to pick up on sarcasm, wet toilet paper, sore feet, rudeness, and an itchy back


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