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Say Word? Word!

6 Apr

Hey, so I haven’t written one of these in over a month, and quite frankly, I still have nothing to write about. All I’m really doing with my life is working. Fortunately I’ve been making some pretty good money waitressing. The down side: I don’t serve at all next week.. alllllll hostessing (boring.) Whatev[er]!

Anyways, I hope you all like my pictures! I edit them at about three in the morning every night ’cause I can’t sleep ’cause I think I’m prone to insomnia, but okay!

One last thing.. I went to Brockport for St. Patty’s Day and that was the first time in my life I’ve ever blacked out. I got to Brockport at around 5:30, we went to the bars at 6:30, and I can’t remember anything from 7:30 on until I got woken up by Ryan going out somewhere at 5:30 the next morning. Wowzers, talk about nutty!


We = Fascinating

26 Feb

The human race is just so amazing. More specifically, the feelings we have.. like, people cry when they’re feeling an extreme emotion, whether it be happiness or sadness. I think that is just so amazing ’cause happiness and sadness are opposites (obviously) but we somehow react the same if we’re feeling an extreme of one or the other. I’m not exactly sure where I was going with that, but I thought of that last night when I started laughing so hard that I started crying. The last time I cried, I was sad [I don’t remember when that was, but I know I cried ’cause I was sad.]

 Oh, I’m getting trained to be a waitress at work on Wednesday (I think) and I’m pretty nervous about it. People are very passionate and get really anal about their food, and they have taken out their distaste of their food on me, the hostess, who has no direct contact with the food, unless asked otherwise by the servers to help out. Soo… yeahh.. I hope I can live up to the job!

 This was a really short post, but I didn’t wanna forget what I was planning on talking about, and clearly I forgot a few things between the time I thought of them [last night] and now [exactly 24 hours since my revelation.] So, have a good week, and hopefully I’ll post more often now even though there’s nothing really interesting in my life to talk about! So I’ll just make stuff up! Okay!

Reminisce on the Old Days

21 Feb

“Yesterday our troubles seemed so far away, I believe in yesterday.”

First, I wanna wish my dad a happy birthday! Woo hoo! I have no idea how old he is.. haha. Oh well, Hau`oli La hanau Makua kane (Haire inspired me to throw in some Hawaiian in there.) Anyways, tonight Katie and I decided to drive around and pick up cans (I decided this and I made her come with me) and it was awesome ’cause we found like ten cans, and maybe even more! We’re just trying to do some good for the environment. And make a little side cash.

Speaking of of side cash, I got a tip yesterday! It was super cool cause I’m a hostess and they don’t usually make tips, but one of my take-out orders gave me a two dollar and some change tip. Also, four slices of chocolate pie had to be discarded, so four of us had a piece of chocolate cake and hung out a bit before we clocked out. It was a good day at work.. :o)

I do kind of miss childhood. Maybe not even childhood, just being younger. In about four months, I won’t have any specific age to look forward to, cause I’ll have already achieved that golden age of legality. I dunno, I just like being young cause I feel as though I have a pretty youthful personality, even though my outlook on things is mature (I don’t sweat the small stuff.) But there’s so much to do in this world, and I want to do it now! I want to do it while I’m young so I can feel fulfilled with what I’ve accomplished already in life cause there comes an age where you’re mentally and practically physically bound down to the life you lead. Granted, retirement will come (for some of the lucky ones,) and you’ll be able to pick back up where you left off decades ago, but by that time, life will have taken its toll on your body and you may not be able to fully appreciate certain things like you’d be able to when you were young. Obviously this scenario goes both ways–there are certain experiences that you can’t fully appreciate until you’ve lived life and whatnot. I’m not gonna go into detail, because I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about, but these are the kind of things that plague my mind before I go to sleep at night and keep me up for hours. I think my hyperactive female mind is the cause of my sleep deprivation, but that, too, is a completely different story!

Well, I essentially wrote this because I was really bored, but I didn’t really have anything I felt super compelled to write about. Therefore, I give you this blog. Hope you like it, I think I do!

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there

15 Feb

Hey everybody!

I pulled a bit of a switcheroo and I’ve bid my adieus to easyjournal and moved on to bigger and better things (i.e.- wordpress.) This is mainly because I saw that Emily Penrose (a friend of mine, if you don’t know,) created one *and it looks fabulous, might I add,* and apparently you can post pictures up on here without having to “upgrade” or whatever and have to pay, like 920348023 million dollars a month/year to do so. And also because I wanna be like her. Thusly, I’ll be posting in this henceforth (that’s supposed to be a humorous sentence, cause lots of speakers/writers/professors of the English language think that “thusly” is an overall pointless word, so they really only use it for a humorous effect, though both “thusly” and “henceforth” sound kinda smart! Is this a run-on sentence? Whatever.)

Umm… be right back. I just realized I gotta go to the bank really quick, soo yeah.

 Okay, back! So heeeerrreee we go! Well, actually, there’s nothing really more that I have to say except for if you wanna read any of my old posts, here’s the link.. and you should cause they’re the bomb.